R2,000.00 ZAR

Evo Brain Body Mind Assessment - Le-Andra Sinclair

In your initial assessment, Evo Brain Body Mind will comprehensively screen the following areas.

1. Retained Primitive Reflexes
2. Sensory Input & Brain Hemispheric Imbalances
3. Postural Dysfunctions

Whilst assessing our practitioners will highlight the importance of each Reflex and the developmental problems that can occur if they remain unintegrated.

On completion of the assessment an Evo Brain Body Mind movement programme will be administered for our clients to complete at home. Post assessment our practitioners will support will adherence strategies to complement the work being completed away from our clinic.

Our Evo Brain Body Mind Practitioners will administer no medicine, but will educate our patients through the NeuroWay Methodology, put simply how the Brain, Body and Mind are interconnected.

Our only prescription will be Movement, Education and Nutrition. Seb Kane (2022)


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